Shower Remodel Trends

Here is the best shower remodel 2017:

Shower seats – in the past showers were designed for you to get in, stand-up right to take a shower, and then get out. It was an alternative to a bath and a faster way to get clean and save water. Today many showers remodel trends are including transfer bench. Everyone has gotten into a shower half-asleep, especially in the morning, and did not feel like standing up and showering. Just think how nice it would be to sit down and be able to wash your hair and suds up while sitting down.

Grab bars – although grab bars are used a lot in showers for seniors they are fast becoming one of the latest showers remodel trends. Some younger adults may have trouble standing because of arthritis or other medical problem so having a grab bar to hold on to can help. Grab bars can be combined with shower seats and used to assist you into a standing position.

Accessible showers – no one getting in a shower wants to trip over the edge of the shower or have to step into a bathtub to get a shower. Use an accessible shower, which is designed to eliminate the built-in tripping hazards of older showers or to try to step into a tub.

Multi-showerheads – using multiple showerheads can make showering quick and couples could shower at the same time. They also give your shower an upscale appearance that is similar to a spa.

Waterfall showerheads – this type of showerhead creates an experience that is like bathing under a natural waterfall. Instead of small nozzles, this type has a full mouth where there is a single thick stream of water.

LED showerheads – this showerhead lights up in various colors as you shower. Some have lights that have meanings like if it is a red light, then the water is very hot.

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