I love, love, love drawing cartoons, caricatures and comics!

Hi, Hola, Hallo!

I love, love, love drawing cartoons, caricatures and comics
Its fun for me, its fun for you, its fun for everyone!

Ana’s Illustrations is exclusively an online agency, with yours truly as a the primary illustrator, a international team of supporting artists from India, Korea, South Africa and Chile and driven by my partner-in-crime and life, Mukul, also a designer (Mukul’s Graphics).
BTW, Mukul is the guy, who is going to respond to your queries, send you quotes, resolve your issues, set up video calls (if required) and beg for humongous amounts of money (in advance)!

I have worked primarily as a Illustrator for last 14 years, developing cartoon characters or mascots, caricatures and comics books, posters and strips for projects like Commonwealth Games (India), Henrik Ibsen festivals, for companies like Unilever, Britannia and more. Along with a brief stint as a cartoonist and comic strip artist for a nationally syndicated newspaper in India, i was and in fact, still am, working on and planning to publish my own graphic novel, based on stories of Ruskin Bond… but that’s another looong story!
Currently we are developing two young adult comic book series and one graphic novel, each of 48 pages for Brainwave Magazine – Amar Chitra Katha, one of oldest, prestigious comic publishers in India.
One of my ‘in development’ web-graphic novel series, just got featured in Buzzfeed

As a ceramic artist, (Oh yes, i am also a ceramic artist), our project Andean Designs was one of 100 selected in Start-Up Chile, a prestigious entrepreneurship program by Chilean Government, which brought me and my partner/ husband to Chile.
Deciding to stay put in Chile, we now live in the bustling, exciting metropolis of Santiago.

Although Ana’s Illustrations is, as the name suggests, primarily for illustration oriented work, we also take on branding, business presentations and Info-graphics work via Mukul’s Graphics.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Feel free to contact me on info@bravesgroup.com for any queries!

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