Cartoons, Caricatures and Comics







“I like physics, but I love cartoons.” ― Stephen Hawking

Re-imagining the myth of India-Srilanka seabridge from the 5,000 year old epic ‘Ramayana’

Mascots, Fantasy characters, Icons, Posters and much more

Cartoons are a form of 2D visual art and can be used in various ways; from developing mascots, icons or logos to imaginary characters in comics and promotional posters, to visualizing imaginary scenarios, with a primary focus towards satire and humor.

And, i can do it all!
Just stretch your imagination to the limits
and pour out your fantastic fantasy
tell me your dream subject
and i will give you options

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If we live long enough, we become caricatures of ourselves.”― John Irving


Your photo!


My Magic!


Your Caricature

Head-shots or full body with action and / or amazing thematic backgrounds

Fantasy Caricature

It is for everyone – Just yourself, you with your special someone, family, work colleagues, you friends and enemies, even your pets!
Use it as you want it – As a new profile photo or for party invitations or give it as Birthday gifts / Valentines day gifts and more
OR as perfect comic souvenirs of those fun Friday nights!
Make occasions special and fun, by adding your caricatures in thematic posters or your own comics books, describe significant incidents of your life; first love, first kiss, proposal, wedding, travel memories and much more
Its simple…send us your photographs and we send you caricatures ASAP!

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“Socrates should have written comics.” — Mark Waid

Graphic Novel series based on the stories by known author (Work in progress)

Comic Frames, Comic Strips, Comic pages and Comic books!
Most of us, grew up feeding on comics – Marvel, DC, Tintin, Asterix, Amar Chitra Katha and many more.
And who doesn’t know Calvin and Hobbes!
Comics are not necessarily just for laughs and story telling,
they can be subtly used for education, for instructions, motivation, philosophical discourses and much more.
If you have an idea, a concept, a story to tell, a incident to remember….creating a comics is a kickass idea!

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